Comparison with Others

Snapshot has a very single one-to-one delegation contract used for their offchain voting system. Simple enough to work for offchain stuff, but not much uptake in onchain composability. As governance moves onchain we'll need tooling to delegate a specific amount of fungible tokens, to delegate them for specific purposes, etc. ~50k contract interactions here, but limited onchain usage.

WarmXYZ was the first delegation solution to come to market, but is overly simplistic and ruggable. It doesn't support contract- or token-level delegations, and is an upgradeable proxy that can change at any time. Nor is it built to be natively multichain. ~20k contract interactions.

EternalProxy tries to eliminate the need to visit a delegation website by impersonating an ERC20 token and having magic value transfers represent a delegation. This is the worst of both worlds, hard to understand, hard to compose, and hard to use without a friendly UI. Stands at 3500 lines of code in a single contract, compared to 500 for ours. <1k contract interactions here.

Double Protocol is approaching the NFT rental market with their own EIP standard, but unfortunately it's not backwards compatible with the vast majority of ERC721s and thus only works on a small segment of gaming NFTs. Whereas we've built Delegate Market to work for any token, even if it was deployed years in the past.

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