Delegate for Gaming

Delegate offers two key features to speed up crypto gaming: asset security and a native marketplace.

Asset Security

Ironically, sometimes toughest problem for novel crypto primitives isn't developing the logic, but gaining user trust. When retail users read stories of daily six- and seven-figure phishing attacks, it makes sense to hunker down. Use a CEX, Uniswap, Opensea, and little else. Even for experienced cryptonatives, the mental overhead of verifying every site, every smart contract, and every transaction takes the fun out of gaming.

Delegate fixes this. The core innovation is that assets can be held in a cold wallet (a hardware device, a multisig, etc) and dangerous actions like sales or transfers are locked down, while still enabling a hot wallet (browser extension, mobile app, etc) to play on its behalf. This reduces the attack surface by 10x-100x, where users don't have to worry any more.

A great example was the Yuga Labs' DookeyDash game, where bored apes could both let their families play without putting assets at risk, or hire premiere gamers to run up highscores for them. Tropofarmer demo-ed the most startling example of how powerful this primitive is by delegating to an empty hot wallet, then publishing the private key on Twitter! Others could play for him, but the delegation security was so strong that his 4-figure asset was never at risk.

Native Marketplace

The Liquid Delegate marketplace is also a powerful default for games with valuable in-game items. Users who don't have the time or skill or desire to play daily can rent out their assets by creating Delegate Tokens, which are ERC-721 representations of a delegation right. Then these can be sold on our native marketplace to earn a little extra money. This is a completely different value prop than all rental marketplaces live today, because Liquid Delegates are backwards compatible with standard ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, even if deployed years ago. And where others have failed due to excessive liquidity fragmentation, the Liquid Delegate marketplace brings in a variety of usecases into a unified interface. And of course, it's built on best-in-class Seaport tech, the same framework that powers OpenSea.

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