How do I create a Delegate Token?

Go to https://delegate.xyz/marketplace/ethereum, click on the "List an Item" button, then choose an NFT to deposit and the expiration time.

What can I do with my Delegate Token?

You can sell it on NFT marketplaces, including our native one!

How do I get my NFT back?

When the Delegate Token expires, you get your NFT back. Since it's stored in trustless escrow, there's no counterparty risk!

Why would someone buy my Delegate Token?

Owning a Delegate Token means that the holder has all delegation rights. So this could be valuable if you want an airdrop claim, access to a token-gated discord, or so on.

Do I need to connect my vault to use Delegate Market?

The NFT is stored in escrow when you mint a Delegate Token, to prevent people from selling or transferring the underlying NFT while its rights are delegated. So you'll need to connect whichever wallet holds the NFT.

Is Delegate Market safe?

Audit results can be found on Code4rena. All core smart contracts are immutable with the exception of some metadata parameters.

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